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Science and Madness

The clock is ticking down and I am waiting with baited breath. Things in the coloring in department at Famous Four Media are in a frenzy, yet every five minutes I look up from my screen at the clock and mutter something under my breath.


To others, I must appear to be a crazed support techie temporarily escaped from the FFM development dungeon, but if they could hear my utterances it would become immediately obvious that I am a not one of the ripped jeans and scruffy T-shirt brigade. For a start, I am not endlessly repeating the tech support mantra of “Have you tried switching it off and on again?”

No, I’ve been infected with ‘TLDementia.’ Fortunately, it’s a rare disease of the mind known only to affect multi-TLD applicants. It is a mutation of the malady which afflicts teenage girls around the time of a new boy band album or concert tour, and I’ve caught it!

I’ve gone raving bonkers over the .SCIENCE gTLD. I have posters of .SCIENCE on the walls in my bedroom (my wife is none too impressed); I wear .SCIENCE branded clothing – garish colored socks mainly and sequined bomber jackets; I smile inanely all of the time thinking about .SCIENCE and, when I am with my other .SCIENCE besotted friends, we make a noise like 1,000 broody hens who are all laying eggs at the same time.

So why am I so enamored with .SCIENCE? It’s quite simple really. The scientific community is vast, inclusive, driven by discovery and adventure and is determined to make the world a better place.


Everyone is a scientist, everyone!

I remember the awe I felt when I first encountered Whit Diffie’s and Martin Hellman’s mathematically beautiful solution to a problem that was thousands of years old … exchanging the keys that lock and unlock secret messages securely.

I vividly recall the birth of my children via C-section , a scientific medical procedure that only became possible some 120 years ago, prior to which time the procedure always resulted in the death of the mother.  And I still smile today when I remember my first child discovering gravity for the first time as she repeatedly dropped a spoon from her high chair, watching it fall and then laughing like a loon when I had to keep picking it up.

Let your copyspace tell families the good news

So I’m glad I am infected by .SCIENCE, it’s a great domain ending with huge potential for all the right reasons.

And, as I look up at the clock and whisper to myself “Not long now.”I am delighted and proud that Famous Four Media will be bringing it to the world on 24th February 2015 @ 15h00 UTC. The same day, coincidentally, that NASA launched scientific space shuttle Discovery for the final time in 2011.

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Why new-style web addresses are right for your business

If you could go back to the start of the Internet armed with the knowledge you have now what domain names would you buy to support your business?

Nine out the first 10 domain names registered were company names, but the Internet has changed dramatically with the advent of search engines. Nowadays, the most trafficked websites are those containing keywords. Compare the search queries for the following term: Nike, Sport and Football. Despite Nike spending billions of dollars and years of effort in building global brand recognition, the generic terms get nearly three times as many search engine queries.

The good news is that the Internet is changing, hundreds of Top Level Domain suffixes (the letters to the right of the final dot, e.g. .com, .net or .org) are launching. So now you can go back to the beginning all over again and get the domains you wish you had registered for your business.

Logo on wall_7cm_1024x700

Registering a new style domain name can help you support and drive your business in the following ways:

  • New- style domain names offer up one of the rarest of business opportunities, entry into a brand new but mature market.
  • Registering new-style domain names based upon popular key-words relating to your business helps drive relevant traffic to your websites e.g. www.industrial-rivets.trade, www.steelpipe.bid
  • With an average cost-per-click of ‘paid search’ approaching $1 per action, a new-style keyword domain name costing $30.00 per year that boosts your organic search results delivers almost instantaneous return on investment.


Three business focused, new-style Top Level Domains that can drive your business online.



.BID is the new top level domain name to be used to buy, sell, swap or bid on anything on the Internet.  Owning a .BID web address will position you perfectly to access the hundreds of millions of people that participate in online auctions. Whether you are looking globally, nationally or locally, with a .BID domain name you will find a ready market. With $35Bn changing hands in online auctions in the UK, and nearly ten times that amount in the USA there is definitely a buyer for your products or someone selling the thing you are looking to buy.

Examples of .Bid owners: auction houses, global, national or local marketplace sites, bidding clubs, auction forums or communities, anybody looking to sell anything online

Add a new dimension to your business and create a bidding war for your products with a .BID domain


Stocks and shares, bitcoins, cars, stamps, stickers and clothing: online trading in any goods and services is big business – the biggest business! The new .TRADE top level domain allows local businesses to enter the global arena and bring their products to a truly international audience. A .TRADE web address clearly announces your desire to do business to the world.

Examples of .Trade owners: Forex / Stocks / Oil brokers / foreign exchange, trading education communities, Trading card clubs (magiccard.trade), Fair Trade promotors  (fair.trade), Small medium business owners looking to expand internationally.

.TRADE is the natural home for start-up businesses, high-growth industries and emergent international trade.


According to Cisco, by 2018, video will represent 79% of the world’s internet traffic*. Even today, more and more businesses are including recorded video and live online webcams into their daily business operations. Video traffic on the Internet will be so prolific that it would take an individual over 5 million years to watch all the video data that will cross global IP networks in 1 month.

Undoubtedly, a proportion of this video data will be individuals chatting with friends, looking for love or other late night entertainments, people checking out potential vacation spots or the weather at a favourite skiing resort. However, webcam channels and live video chat add a new dimension to cost effective business operations that has been absent until today. Using online live video to showcase products or to provide the next level in customer support will set businesses apart from the competition.

The huge change in the Internet naming system coupled with the whole-scale rise in the percentage of internet traffic that is video, means a massive overall change in the way in which the Internet is used as we know it today. For individuals, this will be a smooth change in usage which is almost organic. For businesses, which have established patterns of communications with investors, customers and suppliers it is likely to be a more abrupt and conscious change.

Businesses are combining the opportunities that the new-style internet domain names bring with a change to their communications outreach by supporting their go-to-market strategies with a relevant new style keyword domain name such as .WEBCAM  For example www.sheetmetalwork.webcam , www.weldingadvice.webcam or www.highspeedmanufacturing.webcam.

Examples of .Webcam owners:  Events webcams, Corporate video blogs, corporate customer support, weather, landmarks and tourist attractions, online adult entertainment,

Get your talent recognised with webcam concerts, screen tests and live broadcasts and share your day – every day as it happens on your  .WEBCAM website


Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at FFM



Lights.. WebCam ..Action: How absolutely anyone can be a movie mogul nowadays!

You know Peter Jackson right? .. Movie director extraordinaire? The guy that wrote the screenplay, directed  and produced the Lord of the  Rings trilogy? The kiwi fella that followed that epic up with King Kong and The Hobbit and the awesome animation, the Adventures of Tintin? …yeah that guy!

Well, I’ve long been an admirer of his since I first saw an early movie of his called ‘Bad Taste‘.  This is a ‘cult classic’, a ‘B movie’ epic made in the 1980s, 30 years after the  golden age of  B Movies. The genius of this film is in its kitsch nature, its unashamed low budget, low brow, low quality production coupled with a solid plot and an admirable   tenacity that it took to get this movie from script-to-screen.

It took Peter Jackson 4 years of  filming (usually at weekends) and an overall budget of $25,000 to complete this B Movie masterpiece. That’s $271 per on-screen minute. Compare that with $421,500 per on-screen minute for the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Nowadays, even Jackson’s measly $271 per minute might seem rather excessive, due to the huge advances in movie making technology. With a couple of GoPros or other brand webcams and some cheap video and audio editing software the results can be, we think, rather impressive.

This video was recorded when  the Famous Four Media team had a bit of fun one Friday evening. But it was fully edited and up on YouTube on Monday afternoon.

So what does this mean for businesses?

According to Cisco, by 2018, video will represent 79% of the world’s internet traffic*. Even today, more and more businesses are including recorded video and live online webcams into their daily business operations.

Today, companies can produce business boosting product videos, customer support  videos and other promotional live or animated material in hardly any time at all and for hardly any money.

Short 30 – 60 second video clips can be written, performed, edited and published in a morning. A 30 second ‘video-byte’ does far more to determine customer’s purchase decision than a brochure, repeated  telephone calls or even a shiny promotional gift. This short .TRADE registry promotional clip cost less than $50 to make and all but $8 was in labor costs.:

We created this final clip, about the launch of Famous Four Media’s first 3 Registries, to allow website visitors to feel more engaged with the business and understand a bit more about the ‘ethos’ and ‘culture’ of enterprise as well as feeling closer to the people in it.

So what’s the lesson here?

The lesson is simple: it doesn’t matter if you are a multi-billion dollar business or a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) you can make your business stand out with webcam-style video content.  Your website visitors will return more often, they will feel more connected, and more positive about doing business with you and your organisation.

It doesn’t cost very much, the results with your customers can be incredible and, with a .WEBCAM web address not only is there an almost unlimited number of subjects you can feature, you get  feedback on the visitors coming to your website specifically to access your video content. So why not WEBCAM THE WORLD?


Ref: * Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2013 – 2018

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at FFM


.BID for Small Businesses

Globally, businesses are sitting on over $8 trillion excess inventory* (manufactured products that are sitting in warehouses waiting for a buyer). To put that in perspective, that is equivalent to the gross domestic product of China.

For manufacturing businesses around the world, the majority of which are Small or Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), it is desirable and often essential to be able to turn over stock as often as possible. Unsold stock is cash drain on manufacturing businesses, pushing up the overall cost of manufacture though storage costs. In addition, excess stock contributes to reduced profit margins, since excess stock is often sold at low margins provide cash to keep production lines running.


In recent years, due to the global economic downturn, businesses have seen stock levels rise to unprecedented levels. For example, in 2009, semiconductor stock levels rose from $3.8 billion to $10.2 billion within the space of 3 months, putting a serious strain on the industry and its suppliers.

Excess inventory is usually sold, often at a significant price reduction, to online and offline discount retailers.   Middlemen such as brokers and wholesale distributors provide services to place excess inventory with different customers around the world.  A number of middlemen are virtual electronic marketplaces which auction overstocked goods online.  However, after a period of continued economic downturn, most such marketplaces have discontinued operations due to a failure to realize their business plan.

With the introduction of new style web addresses, where the letters after the final dot can be almost anything, manufacturing businesses are beginning to use these low -cost, new extensions as a means of creating an easily found, online space where they can dispose of excess inventory directly to a consumer with no brokerage or distribution fees or costly pay-per-click advertising.

New style web addresses using exact search terms rather than company names, differentiate websites and make them easy to find online. For example www.electronic-components.bid or www.excess-welding-consumables.bid match a user’s search engine query and inform the user that they could bag a bargain at auction.

For the manufacturing business, having a direct link to the buyer is beneficial as it permits the opportunity to build a longer term relationship which will help smooth out undesirable lumpy manufacturing cycles. However, just as importantly, it allows businesses to retain control over how much inventory to release, at what time and at what price.

So, SME manufacturing businesses looking to exert more control over stock levels should consider a new-style .BID web address to let the world know that they have product to sell and are prepared to deal.

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at FFM



*according to a report by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

How to .TRADE with the BRICs

Logo on wall_2 600px

The term BRIC nations refers to a grouping of the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are considered to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. Although considered to be ‘new’ economies, BRIC nations have a combined economic power nearly twice that of the USA. BRIC nations are looking to trade with the entire world and the world is looking to trade with the BRICs.

In BRIC nations, for the millions of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), international trade often begins on the Internet and,with no legacy investment in .COMs. The BRIC nations are happy to registering new style exact match keyword web addresses. There has already been a surge in adoption by the BRIC nations of new-style web addresses with a strong showing in the newly launched .TRADE registry.

So, SMEs wanting trade internationally should consider a new-style .TRADE web address to tell everyone they are ‘open for business’.

For example consider:

    • www.sheet-metalwork.trade,
    • www.industrialrivets.trade 
    • www.electrical-components.trade.

As a way of getting your businesses in front of customers looking online for the products you produce.

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Surprise surprise! The Internet is changing!

Ninety percent of the first domain names registered were company names, but over the years browsing habits have changed and search engines index ‘what you do’ not just who you are. Nowadays, the most trafficked websites are those containing keywords.

The good news is that the Internet is changing, hundreds of new Top Level Domain suffixes (the letters to the right of the final dot, e.g. .com, .net or .org) are launching. So now business and individuals can go back to the beginning all over again and get the domains that they wish they had registered your business back at the start of it all.

The world in pictures

According to Cisco, by 2018, video will represent 79% of the world’s internet traffic*. Even today, more and more businesses are including recorded video and live online webcams into their daily business operations.

Personal and corporate online broadcasting (webcamming) is more popular now than it has ever been. The Internet allows anyone the opportunity to be a “star” in their own right and enables businesses to differentiate themselves from their competition through the use of live streaming video.

With over half of all IP traffic originating from non-PC devices by 2018*, mobile devices are set to be the default means of internet communication and where mobile devices go so do their webcams. Video traffic on the Internet will be so prolific that it would take an individual over 5 million years to watch all the video data that will cross global IP networks in 1 month.

Undoubtedly, a proportion of this video data will be individuals chatting with friends, looking for love or other late night entertainments, people checking out potential vacation spots or the weather at a favourite skiing resort. However, webcam channels and live video chat add a new dimension to cost effective business operations that has been absent until today.  Using online live video to showcase products or to provide the next level in customer support will set businesses apart from the competition.

So what does it all mean?

The huge change in the Internet naming system coupled with the whole-scale rise in the percentage of internet traffic that is video, means a massive overall change in the way in which the Internet is used as we know it today. For individuals, this will be a smooth change in usage which is almost organic. For businesses, which have established patterns of communications with investors, customers and suppliers it is likely to be a more abrupt and conscious change. Businesses will have to adapt to the opportunities that the new-style web addresses bring as well as changing the nature of its internal and external communications strategies to cope with the demand for video.  Businesses are combining the opportunities that the new-style internet domain names bring with a change to their communications outreach by supporting their go-to-market strategies with a relevant new style keyword domain name such as .WEBCAM  For example www.sheetmetalwork.webcam , www.weldingadvice.webcam or www.highspeedmanufacturing.webcam.


Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at Famous Four Media

Investing in the present

Why domain name investors should embrace new gTLDs today

The story so far.

At the time of writing, there have been some 600,000 registrations across new TLDs, and some interesting launch strategies, and business models. For our part, at Famous Four Media, we embraced “the channel”; that is to say we believe in the existing domain name system, and don’t think registries should be innovating with new business models or whacky pricing schemes at the moment, rather for now we believe that innovation should remain the province of the registrant. I draw your attention to two other registry operators whose business model appears similar to Famous Four Media’s in this respect, but of course remain very different in other ways: .CLUB & Donuts.

Investing in the present

Investing in the present

.CLUB has been very vocal in the amount it has spent on advertising and promotion of its single asset: some four million USD I believe, and you then have the polar opposite in Donuts whose model seems to be let the world decide which strings gain traction. At Famous Four Media, we find ourselves somewhere in the middle, our strings are of course unique in their own right, but we have a considerable number of them, too many to adopt the .CLUB approach. This said, they are few enough that we can give them each a little more TLC (tender loving care) than Donuts. Whose model is the best will of course become clear in the fullness of time.

What are we doing differently?

Much of what those who “know what they are doing” in the domain name industry are actually doing is very similar. We (.CLUB, Donuts, FFM and the other experienced registries) have embraced the channel and aim to support their registrars as much as is possible whilst squeezing in a couple of hours of sleep every couple of days!

Given the role the registrar has to play in the growth of the new gTLD program it is fair to say that a lot of money and effort has been spent by registries on the registrar piece of the domain name puzzle. There is however another very important piece in the puzzle… …the domain name investor.

We see that that the majority of names currently being registered in new TLDs come from domain name investors, and at Famous Four Media this was no surprise, we knew this was coming. Investors in our TLDs are important for early revenues of course, but they have a much more important role to play than this. Investors will buy our domains at low cost and sell them to the right buyer for the right price. The right buyer is most likely going to be someone who is going to actually use the domain, and therein lays the key to the sustained and long term growth of any new TLD. ‘Get it used and get it seen.’

Calling all investors – why invest in Famous Four’s domains?

There a many reasons to invest in Famous Four Media’s strings:

  • Premium Names:I believe Famous Four Media has been very frugal with its premium names with only around 3,500 in our first three strings compared to the 6000+ (as I understand it) of .CLUB. This means that there are a lot of great names available to domain investors at normal registration prices. Grab them and flip them.
  • Super Premium Names: we contacted some of the World’s foremost domain name brokers way back in September 2013, and asked them to choose 10 names each from all of our uncontested TLDs they felt could be placed for the right price. This will generate interest in the registries and will help create demand for names.
  • Re-investment in our TLDs: in each of our applications, we will re-invest at least 2USD per name sold, back into a marketing development fund, so by buying a Famous Four Media domain name you immediately see 2USD re-invested in increasing the value of your names.
  • Great Names:  .BID, .TRADE& . WEBCAM are our first gTLDs into GA on June 9th these are commercially very strong.

o    .BID: you visit a .BID website if you want to buy or sell anything. A .BID is a must for anyone selling at auction or open to offers.

o    .TRADE: resonates with small medium enterprise, financial institutions, wholesalers who sell to trade, and emerging markets looking to open their doors to a Global audience

o    .WEBCAM: think search results, and picture any interesting term ending in.WEBCAM, who isn’t going to click on this? BigBen.webcam, WorldCup.webcam, NakedIroning.webcam

  • Landrush, what landrush?  We are going straight to GA on June 9th, no landrush, no early access, no qualifying criteria, just great names at normal registration prices.

In conclusion

I want you to come in on June 9th and clean us out, take our best names at the best possible price, and sell them on to someone who will use them, and use them well, all the while increasing the value of those other names you bought in that same TLD.

Domain Name Investors: you are more important to the long term success of the new gTLD program than you may ever have considered. The new gTLD program is depending on you, the registries are depending on you, and ICANN is depending on you and, at Famous Four Media, we’ll continue to invest in our collective success.


Rob McCrea, Head of Account Management at Famous Four Media


Sun and Science – a potent combination

I’ve just finished my meeting with the G-WIS and, having just escaped from the 21st Century light starved dungeon that is Techno Corner, I feel the need of a little sun. So I step onto the promenade, outside the Famous Four Media offices, and look at the mega yachts moored in the Ocean Village Marina.  By far the most impressive is “Octopus”, this one of the yachts owned by Paul Allen (he of Microsoft fame). Octopus is 414 foot (126 m) long and believed to be the largest expedition yacht around.


Ocean Village Promenade on a “Poor Day”

Now it’s no secret, in the Famous Four Media offices, that I am a fan of boats. I grew up sailing with my father in the (usually) cold and blustery, but occasionally utterly magnificent Solent and now that I am living on a small peninsular almost totally surrounded by water, covered in sunshine and blessed with favorable winds I really miss not having a boat here.

Not that ‘Octopus’ is in my price bracket  (it cost over $200m), neither is either one of the two helicopters that are kept on board, nor even the ‘tiny’ 63 foot (19m) tender “Man of War”which is kept inside the hull of the ship and certainly not the two (yes two) submarines. I may possibly be able to stretch to one of its many jet skis though.

So why do I love this vessel? It’s not just the fact that (speaking as a coloring in guy) its hull is almost the same shade of blue as the Famous Four Media corporate colors. Nor is it the fact that this ship is totally and unashamedly over the top. It’s the fact that, despite all the ‘gee whizzes’ (such as the jet ski dock complete with bar and hot tub)  and ‘ohmygoshes’ (such as the basketball court) on this boat, Mr Allen regularly loans this vessel out for scientific research initiatives and exploration projects.


To me, this epitomises the nature of science in its purest essence. Science may mean many things to many people, it is after all one of the broadest churches, but to me, science is about discovery; it is about inclusion; it is about excitement and it is about sharing:

  • When my kids discover how to do something new for the first time, I share in their delight – Science!
  • When I hear engine of the 52 year old MGB roadster, that I helped fix, splutter back into life, it puts a smile on my face – Science!
  • When we do something that the human race has never done before, not from necessity but from desire, it makes me feel like a kid again– Science!

That is why I get so passionate about Famous Four Media’s .SCIENCE gTLD. There is finally a place on the Internet where scientists young or old, amateur or professional, rich or poor can share their passion and excitement for discovery with others.


It really doesn’t matter that you are 5 years old and have just build your first working paper aeroplane – share the design with the world. Or that, as a professional scientist, you have just discovered an improved treatment for Alzheimer’s – we’d love to know.

I am reminded of the story of Francis Crick (a Nobel prize winning scientist) who, on the 28th of February 1953 burst into the Eagle public house in Cambridge and interrupted patrons enjoying their pub lunches to announce the he and James Watson had “discovered the secret of life” after they had discovered the structure of DNA.

Had he owned a .SCIENCE web address he could have let the entire world know – and I (and hopefully millions of others around the world) would have celebrated with him.

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at Famous Four Media


No matter how hard you try, you never really stop learning

I realize this more and more every day, as I sink into the complexity of what I originally thought was a simple industry. The whole domain name industry is a fundamental part of how the Internet works, and let’s face it, the Internet is what powers the modern world. Without it the vast majority of all services would simply come to a halt; just imagine the chaos should a domain name such as google.com stop resolving – frankly it’s scary. How would I ever find emergency tapas, if Google maps suddenly stops working?  It doesn’t bear thinking about!


Something as simple as putting a name in place of a number changes what we (the proud techies) understand as an internet address (IP address e.g. to a “web address” as referred to by the regular Internet user (e.g. www.rihannaisawesome.webcam) . It empowers you to say “I visited your Facebook profile today” instead of having to make the somewhat less impactful statement “I visited your profile today.”  God forbid a non-technical eye seeing an IPv6 address and trying to type that into the browser address bar, trust me, you’re far, far better off sticking to domain names.

Getting a name as descriptive as possible has been a real battle since the dawn of the World Wide Web; everyone wants the most memorable domain name that will attract more visitors than their competitors’ does. The ever-expanding Internet is on the move once again and it is actually the biggest change since the beginning of Internet, yet astonishingly, barely anyone seems to know about it. Even worse is the realization that some of those who do know about it actually condemn the expansion. To me, this is madness, what could be better than having a free rein to describe your online offering as closely as possible to what it actually is, without making a silly combination of multiple words just because your preferred name is already taken and then being forced to add three extra letters and a dot, whose meaning has been lost in the mists of Internet time?

I have to admit, I had not heard about this at all, in my home country of Slovenia, prior to engaging myself in the depths of the domain name industry’s darkest technical corners, and I thought I was well aware of technological advances. Working at Famous Four Media has allowed me to learn more about Internet than most people will ever imagine. The greatest shock for me was a few months after starting at Famous Four Media when I looked back and thought to myself, “wow, and I thought I knew this about Internet stuff”. I can now safely say that I know a lot, I can also say that I know how little that is compared to what’s left to learn.

I know that people tend to be wary of change but, you know what, this is not a change. This is an expansion.  Nothing that is there already will be taken away, it just provides more choice when you go to the store; and everyone knows that healthy competition is good for the consumer.

To me, the new generic Top Level Domain expansion is a win-win situation and ICANN deserves to .WIN one for a change, as does anyone who is ready to take on a life changing challenge. I’m sure you’ve all seen your share of amazing, and what better way to attract viewers of awesomeness to your website than to broadcast it under a .WIN domain. If you’ve ever won anything, the lottery, a football match or even the daily battle of resisting that tempting cookie, why not let the world know on your very own .WIN website. The world needs more positive advertising and the term “win” is well-known in many languages. Putting a .WIN after anything speaks volumes so be proud and shout loud “Look at the awesome thing that I’ve done!”

Honestly, I can’t wait to experience what great ideas people will get with a .WIN domain, and see all the amazing new feats of awesomeness that just scream for my attention.

David Krizanic, GWIS at Famous Four Media

David Krizanic, G-WIS at Famous Four Media

El Breaking Bad de Internet

Hace unos meses me independicé, dejando atrás mi ciudad, mi país y mi gente, decidí embarcarme en otra de las “Willy Fog locuras” como llaman mis amigos a mis excursiones por el mundo. Todo era un mundo nuevo para mí,  por eso aterricé en esta nueva experiencia con unas ganas enormes y muchas dudas ya que era un país diferente, nuevas costumbres, tradiciones, comida…

Durante el viaje leí un artículo en una revista sobre la expansión de internet, la aparición de nuevos dominios como .WEBCAM o .DATE y pensé ¡qué grandísima idea!  Lo primero que apareció en mi mente fue la página manu.WEBCAM para así no tener preocupada a mi madre con la típica pregunta de qué has comido, te abrigas bien, etc. De esta forma le enseñaría al mundo lo que hago, como una nueva red social.

Al llegar a mi nuevo “hogar” encendí el ordenador e hice una video-llamada con mi madre, poniendo la Webcam ya que quería ver que “su niño” había llegado sano y salvo y no había sido raptado por unos delincuentes locales (típico de las madres, supongo). La segunda llamada fue con mi novia y noté mientras hablaba con ella, que estaba repitiendo la misma historia que le había contado minutos antes a mi madre. Solté la broma de poner webcams en mi piso, pero en mi cabeza sonaba muy bien la idea de los nuevos dominios.

Dowload and webcam

Mamá, no pienso poner webcams por mi piso!

Descubrí que van a llegar cientos de nuevos dominios y pensé que tenía que tener mi nombre en uno de ellos como fuera. Me encantaron los de .SCIENCE, .DOWNLOAD .WEBCAM y .MEN ya que los vi como una apuesta segura. En .SCIENCE se podría crear una página dedicada a noticias o futuros descubrimientos y comencé a darle vueltas a la cabeza… quizás inventos.SCIENCE y madrid.WEBCAM fueron mis mejores ideas y decidí interesarme más a fondo cada día hasta llegar a reservar. Luego leyendo más a fondo me di cuenta de que Madrid está considerado un nombre Premium pero me encantaba la idea de probar y probar hasta encontrar el nombre de dominio perfecto.

Hablé con mi tío, que es profesor de informática y apasionado de los ordenadores, sobre la posibilidad de empezar juntos una página web con noticias, descargas, foros… en un dominio nuevo como .DOWNLOAD y le emocionó la idea de tal modo que hemos hecho ya la pre-reserva de ¡cuatro! Obviamente no las voy a revelar aquí puesto que aún es un proyecto pero espero que pronto podáis ser partícipes de un éxito redondo en mi nueva página de .DOWNLOAD!!

Manu Montero

Manu Montero, Business Analyst at Famous Four Media

Redefining suffering … Watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with a hangover!

We’ve all been there before, whether it’s because we are nursing a hangover after a fun filled Friday night or settling in for a movie night with our significant other (we all love a good cuddle), deciding upon what film or tv-series to watch can often be an unnecessarily stressful event.

I, for one, can attest to that dreaded moment on date night when it comes time to making a decision as to what is going to be watched. Obviously I already know that my suggestion carries no chance of adoption whatsoever but as always it never hurts to dream! So once the formalities are over with and inevitably ‘we’ decide on Bridget Jones’ Diary (again). It was either that or Sleepless in  Seattle  ..so a lose/lose situation all round.  And, since I find Colin Firth marginally less odious  than Tom Hanks, the online quest of finding said film to download and watch begins.


“No really!! … I am looking forward to watching Bridget Jones’ Diary again darling!”

One of the major problems facing the majority of us who download media online is that it is often hard to either find or guarantee that what we are downloading is not only the right content, but legal content too. Billions of dollars are being lost each year due to online piracy, putting thousands of jobs at risk and, on top of this, around 22% of all global Internet bandwidth is being used to download pirated content.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have always been somewhat apprehensive of downloading content online. I can’t really put my finger on it but I’ve always had this irrational fear of contracting some deadly virus or having a SWAT team breaking down my door if I dare try to take a trip down memory lane and download Beverly Hills Cop or the Police Academy series.

Online downloading certainly has a certain degree of uncertainty around it!

No matter what the risks are, the Internet has a way of evolving to mitigate them eventually. That is one of the benefits of the New gTLD program implemented by ICANN (the body that regulates the Internet’s naming conventions). It’s an evolution of the Internet which should allow Internet users to find the legitimate content they require more quickly, simply by creating online community namespaces joined together by the domain name extension.

For example,  if I type in  www.bridgetjones.com I might be offered a download of the movie I want, it might be the homepage of someone whose name is Bridget Jones or it could be a pay-per-click site pointing me to a website offering me suspicious ‘free’ movies (it actually does).. it could be almost anything.

However, with this evolution of the Internet you can have almost any word after the dot including .DOWNLOAD … so hang on tight for www.bridgetjones.download, with that I should have a much better idea of what’s on the page.

But is that going to be enough? With the new .DOWNLOAD extension however, sites will have to do exactly what they say on the tin and have to be safe, secure and legal due to the implementation of what’s called an Abuse Prevention and Mitigation Seal (the “APM Seal”). All websites using a .DOWNLOAD address are required to display this seal on their homepage, which will provide website visitors (and community  stakeholders in the sector) with a one-click mechanism to access relevant Abuse Prevention and Mitigation processes ensuring that the website remains compliant.

So whether or not you’re looking for that easy-to-watch comedy to get over a heavy weekend on www.funnyfilms.download or looking for  a film to watch on a girlie night in, on www.chickflicks.download you can be assured that it will be exactly what you are looking for and 100% safe and legal. I expect I will have to  get my films from that date night film website on www.boredboyfriend.download.



Ola Alli, Premium Names Manager at Famous Four Media

Domain Names are like the Matrix … and I am Neo!

Shhhhhh! ….. Don’t tell anyone …. But here’s an honest truth:

I have never purchased a domain name.

There, I’ve said it….and it feels like a great weight has been lifted from my soul.

In fact prior to 2014 I had very little exposure to the domain name industry. I know, you’re shocked, I can already hear you saying “how can this newbie write a blog post about domain names?”

Well, equipped with my limited knowledge, I’m going to try anyway, from the perspective of the man in the street.

My background is a mixed one, having studied Zoology at University (yes that is a real degree, and no I don’t want to work in a zoo). I then fell into the retail trading space as an analyst and later working for one of the world’s largest education platforms. Having only just joined Famous Four Media, I have been immersing myself in the complexities of the domain name space and the more I learn the more I realize that there is so much more to learn.

.TRADE you are the one .. to watch.

.TRADE is the one .. to watch.

I feel a bit like Neo in the Matrix just before he swallows the red pill, this ephemeral thing known as the Matrix is affecting his life profoundly but it is not perceived as reality… and to shamelessly misquote my favorite character Morpheus,

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Domain Name Industry is, you have to see it for yourself.’

Having now read a good number of the hundreds of Domain Name blogs it’s very plain to see that opinion on the new gTLDs is highly mixed. Many people believe that the new gTLDs are doomed to fail as previous incarnations have not been as well received as had been hoped. Others believe that this heralds the coming of the next generation of the Internet. Welcome to the Matrix!

Resistance to change comes very naturally to human beings, we don’t like it, we like normal, we like routine. However, Humans need change, and this is one instance where I believe change such as the new gTLDs can only be beneficial to the evolution of the Internet.
Now, having recently made the switch to domain names, with my background in the retain trading industry maybe its natural that I feel a personal affinity with the .TRADE gTLD. It might not have received the attention that some other TLDs (such as .MUSIC, .DOWNLOAD or .DATE) but I am convinced that .TRADE should be on your “ones to watch” list of valuable TLDs.

Here’s why…

TRADE is a highly generic term which has different meanings that lend themselves to a number of large industry groups. If we take the literal meaning of the word trade, it is:

  • The act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities
  • An exchange of items, usually without payment of money.
  • Any occupation pursued as a business or livelihood.

I believe that, beyond online trading in stocks and shares and commodities, the .TRADE TLD will be a magnet for crafts adopting up the .TRADE domain as a community space such as plumbing.trade, electrician.trade or mechanic.trade.

Online trading used to be something that was only accessible to elite, banking firms and the mega-wealthy. Nowadays, with the massive increase in accessibility and globalization of the retail trading space, any Joe Schmo can have a go at trading with around $100. This has led to the creation of an internet community of similar interests that value having a TLD such as .TRADE to share information, opinions, access online trading platforms and receive the latest news. With this constant growth of the retail trading space there is certain to be some excellent value domains within this category. I look forward to seeing where domains like forex.trade, stock.trade and bitcoin.trade end up.

I won’t give away any more of my favorite domain names, as I wouldn’t want anyone ruining my chance snapping up a bargain for my first domain name purchase.


Visit www.nic.trade to check availability of your .TRADE domain name

Will Birtwistle, Account Manger, Famous Four Media

Will Birtwistle, Account Manger, Famous Four Media

Eating Out & Hidden Gems – with no marriage proposals involved!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there are some new names coming to the Internet. It’s called the new generic Top Level Domain program (new gTLD) and it means that internet users won’t be stuck with a .COM, a .NET or a .BIZ domain name for their websites but can choose from over 600 different terms such as .DATE, .MEN and .SCIENCE. With such a wide variety of new names becoming available I’m convinced that the new gTLD process is going to be cluttered with ’hidden gems’, both at what is known in the Industry as the second level (www.hiddengem.something) but also at the top level (www.something.hiddengem). Domain name investors out there are already working hard to identify names in the second level which haven’t been identified by registry operators as valuable ‘premium names’, this of course is what investing in any discipline is fundamentally about; but are there any Top Level domains which are, themselves hidden gems?

Hidden gem domain name?

Hidden gem domain name?

I have a wife and two infant boys, and have my hands pretty full professionally with my part in taking around 60 new top level domains to market and domestically, trying to wrangle 2 mini whirlwinds at home. By definition then: my wife and I don’t get out much! The other night however, with my father-in-law visiting us in Southern Spain from back home in bonnie Scotland, a rare opportunity for a child-free evening presented itself.

Off we trotted, my wife and I, a spring in our respective steps to a local Spanish bistro. Welcomed warmly and settled in to a table in a discrete corner, my other/better half and I, glass of red in hand, were promptly presented with a menu from which we would select the first of our three courses that evening. Upon opening the menu, it became apparent that it may take some time to make a decision on what we would be having! The menu, in terms of its volume, bore a striking resemblance to a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica: page after page, after page… …after page of culinary delectations to whet one’s appetite, each as eloquently and expansively described as the next. I considered the first 5 of many many dishes on offer for each course before eventually tiring of the whole thing and concluding: I just want to eat!

This was interesting to me, given our part as a portfolio applicant, in a time where domain name registrants will have unprecedented choice when it comes to selecting their next (or first ever) domain name. 

Broadly speaking, registrars have done their best to categorize domain names to make life as easy as possible for their customers. Typically, you will see a list of roughly 600 domain names split into categories such as: Geographical, Finance, Retail, Industrial, Hobbies and Interests and other variations of these terms.

The Hidden Gems
As I say, I believe that our first string, which at time of printing we hope to see delegated within the week, should be considered a: New gTLD hidden gem. Let me explain why! When your Top Level Domain doesn’t fit nicely into one of the commonly used categories there is a tendancy for it to fall between the cracks. The billion dollar question is whether these TLDs are more likely to have valuable and popular names available for standard registration prices? After several glasses of Spanish Red, I had some pretty clear ideas about the answer as you might imagine.

We will be going to market at the end of March with, what I think, is the new gTLD process’ best kept secret. Our first domain is short; it’s instructive, instinctive and intuitive. It’s exciting, commercially compelling and above all – it’s ours!

It is .BID and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some bargains to be had.


Rob McCrea, Head of Account Management at Famous Four Media

Interview with Andy Churley, Famous Four Media

The revolution of new generic top level domains has started. At present, 15 TLDs are already available to the public (.bike, .guru, .estate etc.). One of the most active new Registry Operators is Famous Four Media (FFM). FFM was set up in 2011 by a small group of recognized domain name experts and successful financiers. They operate 60 gTLD applications, which include some of the most interesting domain suffixes, such as .accountant, .bid, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .men, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam and .win.

To read the rest of this interview click here

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO, Famous Four Media


Is Rihanna ready for the New Internet?

As I look out of the window of the Famous Four Media office, I can tell you that it’s a warm and sunny day here today. In all honesty, it’s usually sunny in Gibraltar even during the bleakest of February mornings. But despite the beautiful weather, it’s the day I least look forward to every week – Technical meeting day!

Once a week, whether we need it or not, I resolutely make my way down to ‘Technical corner’ aware that, with every step I take, it’s getting just a shade gloomier. What is it about Techies that make them fear the light? With all of the blinds down, the technical office is in permanent darkness only punctuated by the glow of over-sized monitors, displaying text that’s way too small, in mismatched fluorescent colors that would make an online marketer weep with despair. Its occupants scurry around like naked mole rats, clearly using senses other than sight to navigate the vast array of desks loaded with boxes, wires, keyboards and other computer paraphernalia too complicated to identify.

“What’s going on?” I ask Famous Four Media’s Great Wizard of Internet Stuff (G-WIS). I can see from his frown, illuminated by the pale glow from one of his many monitors that something is clearly up.

“We’re all worried about Rihanna!” He replies, clearly flustered. “We’ve been discussing it all morning and we’re not sure she’ll get her name in Sunrise.”

Evidently NOT www.rihanna.webcam

Now I don’t profess to know a lot about Internet nerdism but I do know one thing: all of them, without exception, consider Rihanna to be the hottest thing since WiFi.

“Oh is that all!” I cry, thankful that it is nothing serious, such as our websites going down or that our wireless toaster is burning the toast. Clearly I’ve said the wrong thing.

“But that means someone else might get Rihanna.webcam!” Exclaims another techie, distraught.

In order to calm him down, I explain about the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH). It’s actually quite straightforward, when a registry launches, it is obliged to start off in what is called the Sunrise Phase. In this phase only trademark holders, with names lodged in the TMCH, are allowed to register a domain name matching their mark exactly.

“So,” I continue, “if Rihanna wants to make sure that only she gets www.rihanna.webcam, all she has to do is pop her Trademark in the TMCH and wait for the .WEBCAM registry to launch. Then bingo she grabs rihanna.webcam!”

“Does she have a trademark?” I ask the G-WIS slyly, trying to catch him out

“I don’t know ,” he says simply, turning back to his screen. “I’ll ask her.”