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Eating Out & Hidden Gems – with no marriage proposals involved!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there are some new names coming to the Internet. It’s called the new generic Top Level Domain program (new gTLD) and it means that internet users won’t be stuck with a .COM, a .NET or a .BIZ domain name for their websites but can choose from over 600 different terms such as .DATE, .MEN and .SCIENCE. With such a wide variety of new names becoming available I’m convinced that the new gTLD process is going to be cluttered with ’hidden gems’, both at what is known in the Industry as the second level (www.hiddengem.something) but also at the top level (www.something.hiddengem). Domain name investors out there are already working hard to identify names in the second level which haven’t been identified by registry operators as valuable ‘premium names’, this of course is what investing in any discipline is fundamentally about; but are there any Top Level domains which are, themselves hidden gems?

Hidden gem domain name?

Hidden gem domain name?

I have a wife and two infant boys, and have my hands pretty full professionally with my part in taking around 60 new top level domains to market and domestically, trying to wrangle 2 mini whirlwinds at home. By definition then: my wife and I don’t get out much! The other night however, with my father-in-law visiting us in Southern Spain from back home in bonnie Scotland, a rare opportunity for a child-free evening presented itself.

Off we trotted, my wife and I, a spring in our respective steps to a local Spanish bistro. Welcomed warmly and settled in to a table in a discrete corner, my other/better half and I, glass of red in hand, were promptly presented with a menu from which we would select the first of our three courses that evening. Upon opening the menu, it became apparent that it may take some time to make a decision on what we would be having! The menu, in terms of its volume, bore a striking resemblance to a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica: page after page, after page… …after page of culinary delectations to whet one’s appetite, each as eloquently and expansively described as the next. I considered the first 5 of many many dishes on offer for each course before eventually tiring of the whole thing and concluding: I just want to eat!

This was interesting to me, given our part as a portfolio applicant, in a time where domain name registrants will have unprecedented choice when it comes to selecting their next (or first ever) domain name. 

Broadly speaking, registrars have done their best to categorize domain names to make life as easy as possible for their customers. Typically, you will see a list of roughly 600 domain names split into categories such as: Geographical, Finance, Retail, Industrial, Hobbies and Interests and other variations of these terms.

The Hidden Gems
As I say, I believe that our first string, which at time of printing we hope to see delegated within the week, should be considered a: New gTLD hidden gem. Let me explain why! When your Top Level Domain doesn’t fit nicely into one of the commonly used categories there is a tendancy for it to fall between the cracks. The billion dollar question is whether these TLDs are more likely to have valuable and popular names available for standard registration prices? After several glasses of Spanish Red, I had some pretty clear ideas about the answer as you might imagine.

We will be going to market at the end of March with, what I think, is the new gTLD process’ best kept secret. Our first domain is short; it’s instructive, instinctive and intuitive. It’s exciting, commercially compelling and above all – it’s ours!

It is .BID and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some bargains to be had.


Rob McCrea, Head of Account Management at Famous Four Media