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Redefining suffering … Watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with a hangover!

We’ve all been there before, whether it’s because we are nursing a hangover after a fun filled Friday night or settling in for a movie night with our significant other (we all love a good cuddle), deciding upon what film or tv-series to watch can often be an unnecessarily stressful event.

I, for one, can attest to that dreaded moment on date night when it comes time to making a decision as to what is going to be watched. Obviously I already know that my suggestion carries no chance of adoption whatsoever but as always it never hurts to dream! So once the formalities are over with and inevitably ‘we’ decide on Bridget Jones’ Diary (again). It was either that or Sleepless in  Seattle a lose/lose situation all round.  And, since I find Colin Firth marginally less odious  than Tom Hanks, the online quest of finding said film to download and watch begins.


“No really!! … I am looking forward to watching Bridget Jones’ Diary again darling!”

One of the major problems facing the majority of us who download media online is that it is often hard to either find or guarantee that what we are downloading is not only the right content, but legal content too. Billions of dollars are being lost each year due to online piracy, putting thousands of jobs at risk and, on top of this, around 22% of all global Internet bandwidth is being used to download pirated content.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have always been somewhat apprehensive of downloading content online. I can’t really put my finger on it but I’ve always had this irrational fear of contracting some deadly virus or having a SWAT team breaking down my door if I dare try to take a trip down memory lane and download Beverly Hills Cop or the Police Academy series.

Online downloading certainly has a certain degree of uncertainty around it!

No matter what the risks are, the Internet has a way of evolving to mitigate them eventually. That is one of the benefits of the New gTLD program implemented by ICANN (the body that regulates the Internet’s naming conventions). It’s an evolution of the Internet which should allow Internet users to find the legitimate content they require more quickly, simply by creating online community namespaces joined together by the domain name extension.

For example,  if I type in I might be offered a download of the movie I want, it might be the homepage of someone whose name is Bridget Jones or it could be a pay-per-click site pointing me to a website offering me suspicious ‘free’ movies (it actually does).. it could be almost anything.

However, with this evolution of the Internet you can have almost any word after the dot including .DOWNLOAD … so hang on tight for, with that I should have a much better idea of what’s on the page.

But is that going to be enough? With the new .DOWNLOAD extension however, sites will have to do exactly what they say on the tin and have to be safe, secure and legal due to the implementation of what’s called an Abuse Prevention and Mitigation Seal (the “APM Seal”). All websites using a .DOWNLOAD address are required to display this seal on their homepage, which will provide website visitors (and community  stakeholders in the sector) with a one-click mechanism to access relevant Abuse Prevention and Mitigation processes ensuring that the website remains compliant.

So whether or not you’re looking for that easy-to-watch comedy to get over a heavy weekend on or looking for  a film to watch on a girlie night in, on you can be assured that it will be exactly what you are looking for and 100% safe and legal. I expect I will have to  get my films from that date night film website on



Ola Alli, Premium Names Manager at Famous Four Media