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No matter how hard you try, you never really stop learning

I realize this more and more every day, as I sink into the complexity of what I originally thought was a simple industry. The whole domain name industry is a fundamental part of how the Internet works, and let’s face it, the Internet is what powers the modern world. Without it the vast majority of all services would simply come to a halt; just imagine the chaos should a domain name such as stop resolving – frankly it’s scary. How would I ever find emergency tapas, if Google maps suddenly stops working?  It doesn’t bear thinking about!


Something as simple as putting a name in place of a number changes what we (the proud techies) understand as an internet address (IP address e.g. to a “web address” as referred to by the regular Internet user (e.g. . It empowers you to say “I visited your Facebook profile today” instead of having to make the somewhat less impactful statement “I visited your profile today.”  God forbid a non-technical eye seeing an IPv6 address and trying to type that into the browser address bar, trust me, you’re far, far better off sticking to domain names.

Getting a name as descriptive as possible has been a real battle since the dawn of the World Wide Web; everyone wants the most memorable domain name that will attract more visitors than their competitors’ does. The ever-expanding Internet is on the move once again and it is actually the biggest change since the beginning of Internet, yet astonishingly, barely anyone seems to know about it. Even worse is the realization that some of those who do know about it actually condemn the expansion. To me, this is madness, what could be better than having a free rein to describe your online offering as closely as possible to what it actually is, without making a silly combination of multiple words just because your preferred name is already taken and then being forced to add three extra letters and a dot, whose meaning has been lost in the mists of Internet time?

I have to admit, I had not heard about this at all, in my home country of Slovenia, prior to engaging myself in the depths of the domain name industry’s darkest technical corners, and I thought I was well aware of technological advances. Working at Famous Four Media has allowed me to learn more about Internet than most people will ever imagine. The greatest shock for me was a few months after starting at Famous Four Media when I looked back and thought to myself, “wow, and I thought I knew this about Internet stuff”. I can now safely say that I know a lot, I can also say that I know how little that is compared to what’s left to learn.

I know that people tend to be wary of change but, you know what, this is not a change. This is an expansion.  Nothing that is there already will be taken away, it just provides more choice when you go to the store; and everyone knows that healthy competition is good for the consumer.

To me, the new generic Top Level Domain expansion is a win-win situation and ICANN deserves to .WIN one for a change, as does anyone who is ready to take on a life changing challenge. I’m sure you’ve all seen your share of amazing, and what better way to attract viewers of awesomeness to your website than to broadcast it under a .WIN domain. If you’ve ever won anything, the lottery, a football match or even the daily battle of resisting that tempting cookie, why not let the world know on your very own .WIN website. The world needs more positive advertising and the term “win” is well-known in many languages. Putting a .WIN after anything speaks volumes so be proud and shout loud “Look at the awesome thing that I’ve done!”

Honestly, I can’t wait to experience what great ideas people will get with a .WIN domain, and see all the amazing new feats of awesomeness that just scream for my attention.

David Krizanic, GWIS at Famous Four Media

David Krizanic, G-WIS at Famous Four Media