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Why new-style web addresses are right for your business

If you could go back to the start of the Internet armed with the knowledge you have now what domain names would you buy to support your business?

Nine out the first 10 domain names registered were company names, but the Internet has changed dramatically with the advent of search engines. Nowadays, the most trafficked websites are those containing keywords. Compare the search queries for the following term: Nike, Sport and Football. Despite Nike spending billions of dollars and years of effort in building global brand recognition, the generic terms get nearly three times as many search engine queries.

The good news is that the Internet is changing, hundreds of Top Level Domain suffixes (the letters to the right of the final dot, e.g. .com, .net or .org) are launching. So now you can go back to the beginning all over again and get the domains you wish you had registered for your business.

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Registering a new style domain name can help you support and drive your business in the following ways:

  • New- style domain names offer up one of the rarest of business opportunities, entry into a brand new but mature market.
  • Registering new-style domain names based upon popular key-words relating to your business helps drive relevant traffic to your websites e.g.,
  • With an average cost-per-click of ‘paid search’ approaching $1 per action, a new-style keyword domain name costing $30.00 per year that boosts your organic search results delivers almost instantaneous return on investment.


Three business focused, new-style Top Level Domains that can drive your business online.



.BID is the new top level domain name to be used to buy, sell, swap or bid on anything on the Internet.  Owning a .BID web address will position you perfectly to access the hundreds of millions of people that participate in online auctions. Whether you are looking globally, nationally or locally, with a .BID domain name you will find a ready market. With $35Bn changing hands in online auctions in the UK, and nearly ten times that amount in the USA there is definitely a buyer for your products or someone selling the thing you are looking to buy.

Examples of .Bid owners: auction houses, global, national or local marketplace sites, bidding clubs, auction forums or communities, anybody looking to sell anything online

Add a new dimension to your business and create a bidding war for your products with a .BID domain


Stocks and shares, bitcoins, cars, stamps, stickers and clothing: online trading in any goods and services is big business – the biggest business! The new .TRADE top level domain allows local businesses to enter the global arena and bring their products to a truly international audience. A .TRADE web address clearly announces your desire to do business to the world.

Examples of .Trade owners: Forex / Stocks / Oil brokers / foreign exchange, trading education communities, Trading card clubs (, Fair Trade promotors  (, Small medium business owners looking to expand internationally.

.TRADE is the natural home for start-up businesses, high-growth industries and emergent international trade.


According to Cisco, by 2018, video will represent 79% of the world’s internet traffic*. Even today, more and more businesses are including recorded video and live online webcams into their daily business operations. Video traffic on the Internet will be so prolific that it would take an individual over 5 million years to watch all the video data that will cross global IP networks in 1 month.

Undoubtedly, a proportion of this video data will be individuals chatting with friends, looking for love or other late night entertainments, people checking out potential vacation spots or the weather at a favourite skiing resort. However, webcam channels and live video chat add a new dimension to cost effective business operations that has been absent until today. Using online live video to showcase products or to provide the next level in customer support will set businesses apart from the competition.

The huge change in the Internet naming system coupled with the whole-scale rise in the percentage of internet traffic that is video, means a massive overall change in the way in which the Internet is used as we know it today. For individuals, this will be a smooth change in usage which is almost organic. For businesses, which have established patterns of communications with investors, customers and suppliers it is likely to be a more abrupt and conscious change.

Businesses are combining the opportunities that the new-style internet domain names bring with a change to their communications outreach by supporting their go-to-market strategies with a relevant new style keyword domain name such as .WEBCAM  For example , or

Examples of .Webcam owners:  Events webcams, Corporate video blogs, corporate customer support, weather, landmarks and tourist attractions, online adult entertainment,

Get your talent recognised with webcam concerts, screen tests and live broadcasts and share your day – every day as it happens on your  .WEBCAM website


Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at FFM



How to .TRADE with the BRICs

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The term BRIC nations refers to a grouping of the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are considered to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. Although considered to be ‘new’ economies, BRIC nations have a combined economic power nearly twice that of the USA. BRIC nations are looking to trade with the entire world and the world is looking to trade with the BRICs.

In BRIC nations, for the millions of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), international trade often begins on the Internet and,with no legacy investment in .COMs. The BRIC nations are happy to registering new style exact match keyword web addresses. There has already been a surge in adoption by the BRIC nations of new-style web addresses with a strong showing in the newly launched .TRADE registry.

So, SMEs wanting trade internationally should consider a new-style .TRADE web address to tell everyone they are ‘open for business’.

For example consider:


As a way of getting your businesses in front of customers looking online for the products you produce.

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Plus ça change … plus j’aime

J’ai toujours été une grande fan des innovations marketing. Dans les hypermarchés je suis toujours à l’affût du nouveau yoghourt bio au lait de chêvre au goût de framboise écrasée sur lit de caramel.

C’est ma nature, je touche à tout, je suis en perpétuelle quête de renouveau, ayant fait du marketing en école de commerce, je suis celle qui va précher pour la nouveauté, pour l’idée nouvelle, pour l’idée spéciale. J’ai été pionnière de l’ordinateur portable à l’école, oui j’ai été la première à travailler sur mon PC à l’école quand d’autres se servaient encore de leur papier et de leurs crayons.

Je veux l’innovation et je le veux maintenant!!

La possibilité pour l’innovation est à l’heure actuelle!Sauf que pour moi les noms des sites n’ont jamais rien voulu dire; est ce que .COM voulait dire .COMMUNICATION? ou encore .COMMERCE? Et que dire de .PL, .DE, .NL? c’est un language qui ressemble à du chinois!!

Par contre, et ça c’est vraiment une innovation qui va renverser la donne dans les noms de domaine, j’ai vu aujourd’hui des nouveaux noms de domaines, qui ont du sens, tels que .DATE, .SCIENCE, .WIN, .WEBCAM, .DOWNLOAD, .MEN, .TRADE… Quelle nouvelle excitante!!

Rien que pour .DATE, pour celui ci on a de quoi casser la baraque à, qu’est ce que ça veut dire Meetic de toute façon; Mythique? Quelle est la référence avec les mythes? La mythologie grecque peut être? Alors que n’importe quel nom de domaine avec .DATE placé derrière et on sait tout de suite de quoi on parle,, contre mes principes mais c’est tout de suite plus parlant!!

Parlons d’un sujet encore plus probant: .SCIENCE, avons nous une simple idée de ce que le mot science recouvre? La science vient du mot latin connaissance et signifie “ce que l’on sait pour l’avoir appris, ce que l’on tient pour vrai au sens large, l’ensemble de connaissances, d’études d’une valeur universelle, caractérisées par un objet (domaine) et une méthode déterminés, et fondés sur des relations objectives vérifiables” dixit Wikipedia, on retrouve les sciences dans tout ce qu’on connait et tout ce qu’on ne connait pas encore, j’ai le vertige d’imaginer des noms tant divers que variés tel que,,, ou bien plus précis multiplié par tous les sujets, tous les collèges, tous les lycées, et toutes les institutions de France et de Navarre, ça va faire énormément de noms de domaines et tellement de compétition à !!

C’est une nouvelle tellement excitante que je pense que je vais me mettre dès maintenant à acheter des noms de domaines!!

J’ai aussi pensé à déposer des noms d’artistes tel que,,,,, ou, il me faudrait m’entourer de bons avocats mais c’est toujours possible, et ce serait oh combien plus rentable que de déposer des noms de domaines en .SCIENCE. Voila, je vais utiliser des noms de stars, acheter des noms de domaines pour $40 et les revendre au dites personnes $10 000 (sauf pour Michael Jackson, Roswell et Yoda je traiterai directement avec leurs avocats). J’ai précisé plus haut que j’avais fait du marketing non? Je crois qu’au lieu de faire rencontrer des célibataires ou de me lancer dans la culture, je vais plutôt exploiter des droits d’image jusqu’à ce qu’on me les rachète!! Je vous avais bien dit que ces nouveaux noms de domaines étaient une nouvelle excitante et j’ai trouvé ma voie!!

Camille Guilbert, Account Manager, Famous Four Media

Camille Guilbert, Account Manager, Famous Four Media

Domain Names are like the Matrix … and I am Neo!

Shhhhhh! ….. Don’t tell anyone …. But here’s an honest truth:

I have never purchased a domain name.

There, I’ve said it….and it feels like a great weight has been lifted from my soul.

In fact prior to 2014 I had very little exposure to the domain name industry. I know, you’re shocked, I can already hear you saying “how can this newbie write a blog post about domain names?”

Well, equipped with my limited knowledge, I’m going to try anyway, from the perspective of the man in the street.

My background is a mixed one, having studied Zoology at University (yes that is a real degree, and no I don’t want to work in a zoo). I then fell into the retail trading space as an analyst and later working for one of the world’s largest education platforms. Having only just joined Famous Four Media, I have been immersing myself in the complexities of the domain name space and the more I learn the more I realize that there is so much more to learn.

.TRADE you are the one .. to watch.

.TRADE is the one .. to watch.

I feel a bit like Neo in the Matrix just before he swallows the red pill, this ephemeral thing known as the Matrix is affecting his life profoundly but it is not perceived as reality… and to shamelessly misquote my favorite character Morpheus,

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Domain Name Industry is, you have to see it for yourself.’

Having now read a good number of the hundreds of Domain Name blogs it’s very plain to see that opinion on the new gTLDs is highly mixed. Many people believe that the new gTLDs are doomed to fail as previous incarnations have not been as well received as had been hoped. Others believe that this heralds the coming of the next generation of the Internet. Welcome to the Matrix!

Resistance to change comes very naturally to human beings, we don’t like it, we like normal, we like routine. However, Humans need change, and this is one instance where I believe change such as the new gTLDs can only be beneficial to the evolution of the Internet.
Now, having recently made the switch to domain names, with my background in the retain trading industry maybe its natural that I feel a personal affinity with the .TRADE gTLD. It might not have received the attention that some other TLDs (such as .MUSIC, .DOWNLOAD or .DATE) but I am convinced that .TRADE should be on your “ones to watch” list of valuable TLDs.

Here’s why…

TRADE is a highly generic term which has different meanings that lend themselves to a number of large industry groups. If we take the literal meaning of the word trade, it is:

  • The act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities
  • An exchange of items, usually without payment of money.
  • Any occupation pursued as a business or livelihood.

I believe that, beyond online trading in stocks and shares and commodities, the .TRADE TLD will be a magnet for crafts adopting up the .TRADE domain as a community space such as, or

Online trading used to be something that was only accessible to elite, banking firms and the mega-wealthy. Nowadays, with the massive increase in accessibility and globalization of the retail trading space, any Joe Schmo can have a go at trading with around $100. This has led to the creation of an internet community of similar interests that value having a TLD such as .TRADE to share information, opinions, access online trading platforms and receive the latest news. With this constant growth of the retail trading space there is certain to be some excellent value domains within this category. I look forward to seeing where domains like, and end up.

I won’t give away any more of my favorite domain names, as I wouldn’t want anyone ruining my chance snapping up a bargain for my first domain name purchase.


Visit to check availability of your .TRADE domain name

Will Birtwistle, Account Manger, Famous Four Media

Will Birtwistle, Account Manger, Famous Four Media