Sun and Science – a potent combination

I’ve just finished my meeting with the G-WIS and, having just escaped from the 21st Century light starved dungeon that is Techno Corner, I feel the need of a little sun. So I step onto the promenade, outside the Famous Four Media offices, and look at the mega yachts moored in the Ocean Village Marina.  By far the most impressive is “Octopus”, this one of the yachts owned by Paul Allen (he of Microsoft fame). Octopus is 414 foot (126 m) long and believed to be the largest expedition yacht around.


Ocean Village Promenade on a “Poor Day”

Now it’s no secret, in the Famous Four Media offices, that I am a fan of boats. I grew up sailing with my father in the (usually) cold and blustery, but occasionally utterly magnificent Solent and now that I am living on a small peninsular almost totally surrounded by water, covered in sunshine and blessed with favorable winds I really miss not having a boat here.

Not that ‘Octopus’ is in my price bracket  (it cost over $200m), neither is either one of the two helicopters that are kept on board, nor even the ‘tiny’ 63 foot (19m) tender “Man of War”which is kept inside the hull of the ship and certainly not the two (yes two) submarines. I may possibly be able to stretch to one of its many jet skis though.

So why do I love this vessel? It’s not just the fact that (speaking as a coloring in guy) its hull is almost the same shade of blue as the Famous Four Media corporate colors. Nor is it the fact that this ship is totally and unashamedly over the top. It’s the fact that, despite all the ‘gee whizzes’ (such as the jet ski dock complete with bar and hot tub)  and ‘ohmygoshes’ (such as the basketball court) on this boat, Mr Allen regularly loans this vessel out for scientific research initiatives and exploration projects.


To me, this epitomises the nature of science in its purest essence. Science may mean many things to many people, it is after all one of the broadest churches, but to me, science is about discovery; it is about inclusion; it is about excitement and it is about sharing:

  • When my kids discover how to do something new for the first time, I share in their delight – Science!
  • When I hear engine of the 52 year old MGB roadster, that I helped fix, splutter back into life, it puts a smile on my face – Science!
  • When we do something that the human race has never done before, not from necessity but from desire, it makes me feel like a kid again– Science!

That is why I get so passionate about Famous Four Media’s .SCIENCE gTLD. There is finally a place on the Internet where scientists young or old, amateur or professional, rich or poor can share their passion and excitement for discovery with others.


It really doesn’t matter that you are 5 years old and have just build your first working paper aeroplane – share the design with the world. Or that, as a professional scientist, you have just discovered an improved treatment for Alzheimer’s – we’d love to know.

I am reminded of the story of Francis Crick (a Nobel prize winning scientist) who, on the 28th of February 1953 burst into the Eagle public house in Cambridge and interrupted patrons enjoying their pub lunches to announce the he and James Watson had “discovered the secret of life” after they had discovered the structure of DNA.

Had he owned a .SCIENCE web address he could have let the entire world know – and I (and hopefully millions of others around the world) would have celebrated with him.

Andy Churley CMO at FFM

Andy Churley CMO at Famous Four Media


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